whiskers sparkle

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My sister told me that cat whiskers would be perfect for this tiny bottle. She was right. If you look closely, you can find your cat’s whiskers that shed occasionally. Especially if you have an indoor only cat. And if you are really lucky, you can find an old piece of soda bottle with a name on it that you don’t recognize, insuring that it is indeed old. P1010684



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Playing with the elements… what else to do on a day like this?P1030742

North & Bear

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On Sept 1, 2012 I was riding in the mountains beyond my house, and came across bear tracks. Oh Joy! It was perfect soil, perfect dampness for perfect imprints! Of course I know bears are here, but so rare to see sights. Now in January, Bear is in deep restful sleep. I should be too, I’m thinking. Rest up, spring is around the corner.P1030088

My Way Home

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The 2 mile stretch of dirt road from the pavement to my house is always my favorite. Covered in snow it’s a whole new world. How could it get better than this?