Elk Essence

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elk medicine music starts here

elk medicine music starts here

I’ve loved Elk from the moment I met her. Essence is Freedom, Mountains, Grass Meadows, Kindness with Fierceness attached…. magical song, solitude within groups…so this birth of a sacred sound maker happened at my request. She was born of Elk spirit and is on her way to making music in my soul. Thank you Nissa, forever, for the creation.



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Saw with my eyes and saddened soul this burn scar from a severe forest fire that took the home & life of thousands of plants and critters. It was like a nightmare in slow motion, to ride my horse through the ashy dust of the forest floor, to smell the quiet death of the trees, to see the years-old trail disappear in the fallen trees. And then this surprise, this silly pinkness of a flower, beckoning a bee or butterfly to visit in this black ash… aptly named Fireweed, the first plant to appear after fire it was said. I was so delighted to see that this was true, like no other truth I’d known, yet all the truths I knew, now proven! Life is such a circle and grief should be brief between the changes that come. And so it is.

burn scar with fireweed

Fireweed flower

Elk Calf –

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I noticed the young horses in the faraway field circling, running, coming back and circling again. I saddled my pony to go investigate. An elk cow had jumped the fence into the pasture with the yearling thoroughbreds, calved, and then of course the newborn couldn’t jump the 5 foot fence to get out. Curious as they are, the yearling horses moved in to investigate. The elk calf, on his feet not long after birth is searching for his mother. He will take anything that he thinks may work, but the yearling horses are at once frightened and amazed at this little one in their space. Mother comes back over the fence and is pretty much in horror at the situation. I removed the yearlings from the pasture, got some help and we put the calf over the fence and mother Elk came to him soon enough, putting to rest my fear that she would reject him with the smell of humans on him. They disappeared into the dusk together. One of my favorite memories of all time is that newborn calf at the flank of my horse, wishing at the moment he’d finally found his mother. I stayed put only long enough to take the photos – I had to run from him to keep him from following me! – I felt time was short to get him back to his real tribe before Mamma Elk had a complete meltdown. She was never more than 200 feet away, watching, pacing, running away & coming back, but the calf was oblivious to her, only wanting what creature was closest. Oh the memories. Thank you Elk for the lessons and closeness you provided me back then! Horses find  Elk calf

"Are you my mother? Are you my mother?" Mother is in the distance.

“Are you my mother? Are you my mother?” Mother is in the distance.

Are YOU my mother?

Way Back When (1988?)

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out my cabin windowJust off my porch...Earth Rejoicing