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Tonight I ventured outside with rattle in hand. I spoke to my horse & he answered. And then he followed. He blew his own rattles through his nostrils. He matched me and my Elk song. He had never met Elk and was fascinated with her. The moon still not risen, but the stars watched in the night sky as my horse blew into each end of the rattle, nosed and inhaled Elks sweet pine scent. He swung around so to always face her, not with fear but with keen interest. I rattled a heartbeat of Elk into his own heart and then with no rattling let Elk move across my Sky-Horse from throat down neck across back to dock of tail. Sky is now christened with Elk song, our own bond deepened with ceremony. No magic like this could happen without Nissa (  http://www.soulcraft.me/  ) and her own magic-making creations… so very grateful for her sharing what is given to us.