July 8th

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What is my fire within? What ignites it, what is it’s name? My fire must be my emotions, a roller coaster in my life. Sometimes brighter than daylight other times dark and smoldering ashes. Trying to define my fire within, I keep coming back to this undefined mix of cool to hot. And so it is.



July 7th

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Expect the unexpected, she says. Alrighty then. I keep my eyes and senses peeled all day. Nothing unexpected. Until I see this. My Christmas cactus always throws a curve ball. Usually she blooms on Halloween and Valentines, and refuses the Christmas season. But today, July 7th, my Christmas cactus blooms way outside her not-so-ordinary schedule. Expect the unexpected, always. And embrace it, I say.


July 6th


I thought I’d see nothing but my daily ravens today, no camera in hand. Overcast, rain, birds in hiding. Then at dusk a hummingbird comes when I’m out taking pics of the clouds. What is your medicine here, tell me what shifted? 


I’ll tell you what shifted, and what medicine is here.



She flew.


July 5th

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A gentle breeze, a push of air from invisible source, blown kisses in peaceful silence.


July 4th

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What is Freedom & why use Freedom to Lighten Up? I’m free to choose. I’m free to choose any thought, heavy or light. Serious or not. I can be in prison but my mind is still in my head and my choice of thought is still mine. I need to lighten up. Do I ever. Please Universe, help me be more laid back and see the humor in life.



July 3rd

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What does air feel like? What do I feel when I breathe air? I feel like I’m the sky, and my breath is the clouds. I hear nothing but the wind, which is my exhale.


July 2nd

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What message lies within a special photo? What calls me from within when I look at it? This one, it seems my horse & I are alone on a vast planet. It’s a mountain in the background, but what I see (feel) is the curvature of the earth. The two of us playing on this planet with no interruptions of work-a-day or phones or anything Human. Just the wild nature of Mama Earth with her creatures and meadows and forests and streams of cold water. P1040859

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