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Learning to hold space & pray for those I love. A soul sister was going to go through serious surgery… she is a beautiful soul and I met her through our love of elk and respect of these animals which we also love to eat and adorn ourselves with. How can you love a live animal so much and yet  love it after death? Take in nourishment, & collect the bones as found? Oh and delight in finding yearly sheds of antlers!  I built this offering the evening before Nissas surgery, knowing that the elk that she honored so much, before and after the hunt and kill, making  drums and rattles of the skins, praying over their life as they gave nourishment to her & her family, so much honor in her process …. that in turn the Elk medicine under my roof could come together and honor her right back. It is interesting to pass on this strength, across miles, to someone I haven’t met, yet don’t need to. We are kindred spirits. I felt it in my bones and she felt it right back.





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sun seeker, just like me. bow to the warmth, the light, the love of the sun.


ruby diamonds

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P1020996These diamonds, rubies and sapphires that I see each frosty morning… they never appear in my camera. Until finally one does. I want and wish for my cameras eye to be my eye so I can share, but so rarely this happens. On this morning it did. Such delight, a sparkle of red on tippy top of the sharpest point. The balance of all life exposed. Then gone like a flash with the warmth of the sun that lit her up in the first place. Life, Death, Life. It is just like this.



No Words

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There cannot be enough words to say what the last couple of months have been for me. The cats never wake me, the horses are happy, the groundedness is obvious.
Rain and rainbows, blue skies and full blood moons, rattlesnakes and tarantulas and turkeys and ravens, bones and feathers, grasses and two hundred foot trees… sleep until the sun nudges me awake… just not enough words and not near enough pictures.