Dear Home,

You are my dream come true, you are the love of my life. You are what I thought of for all the years of rentals and small spaces traveling days and moving and moving and moving. You would be the one to stop me in my tracks and allow me to take deep breaths and finally say I’m Home. Still in our very first year together I’m in the giddy love stage. I’m still pinching myself. This is home? How did I pull this off? I am still bringing my life into yours, we will meld together, you & I. You have your old ways & I have mine. I will fix you where you hurt so that you can brave the seasons as they come and go. You will shelter me as I sit still on your lap and look across the grass and into the eyes of Grandmother trees. When the rains come I will listen to the creek giggle as it flows through your bellowing skirt. Home, I am so in love with you and all that you give to the creatures that wander over your belly. I’m sure the reason you showed up for me is that I’m finally ready to receive all you offer and able to offer all you need from me.